A few words with Johnnyboy...

  • Questions by Mike Buckalew
  • MB: I know you've been around for awhile but i still think you are a little mysterious to some bladers. Do you want to tell us a little about who you are and what you're about?
  • JB: eh, well my name is john but everyone calls me johnnyboy. i am from ft.worth texas but ive lived in florida since 1997. i started skating that year and now i mainly film and edit. i didnt film seriously until i became friends with jeph howard and joey chase. i helped them film for their sponsors a little until wild bill and joey convinced me i should make a video of the crew. Tough Stuff was my first video but it took like 3 years of replacing footage and getting the dvd's out. i like to film and skate and party with my friends. i like to think im pretty simple. im not trying to film major movies, or shoot music videos, or get a leg up to a job. i just like to film and edit skating and and hang out with my friends. i film for other stuff every once in a while for the money but all im interested in doing is filming and just cruising around. i guess thats who i am as far as a rollerblader would be concerned. what im about? I would say im about having fun and also portraying what we do in a way thats not straight up embarrassing. im about farleying, bread/beer, rock n roll, soulgrinds, chief, the south, tattoos, traveling, stealing dogs, triple 6 mafia, teleporting on to alabama lawns.
  • MB: Hahaha, well even though Tough Stuff took awhile to finish, I think it was a success. I'm not sure how many extra copies you have left over but i know everyone that saw that video enjoyed it. You have a really unique style of editing. No one else can seem to do it like you. You have the perfect skate crew and always pick choice songs to use. What have you been up to lately? Is there gonna be a "Tougher Stuff"?
  • JB: Ohh i still have a bunch left, im about to start selling them super cheap. but thanks i like the way the video came out, it has its flaws but we wanted it a little rough looking anyways. The crew, fuck ya i have the best crew. they are good as shit and the funnest dudes ever. with the editing,everyone has their own style and some people have liked mine so i appreciate it. The songs are just what i like and the ones in people's profiles are what the guys said they wanted. they usually give me an idea but alot of times they leave me to do what i think will look best and then i let them approve it. There will definitely be a second Tough Stuff. we have been filming for a little bit now, this one will be mainly hd footage with some sd clips that couldn't be wasted on the internet. expect the same crew with new profiles on matty schrock, kc roche, james beary, and sean santamaria . but lineups always change. there are some new faces like chris dafick, stokley, bolino, pat doherty, brenton wheeler, and more i cant think of. ive been filming in alabama, kansas city, san diego, all over florida and ill be in georgia soon. im excited about it, every clip in the new one is going to be proper.
  • MB: Hell yeah. I sure am glad to be reassured that you are making another video and I bet everyone else is too. Thanks a lot for doing this little interview and letting us upload Sammy's section from Tough Stuff. Any last words or shout-outs?
  • JB: Ohh for sure. ill be making alot more videos, my own and hopefully someone will hire me to do some other videos some day. no problem man thanks for helping film for the video and promoting it. shout outs to, joey and sammy, david, franksta, child bill, gumby, matty, jeph, waste, patches, jersey fags, steve mud gasstation, doyle, dunkle, uncle blake, sean boy, trace, buck, james, bunns, delaney, gilford, budweiser, black goat tattoos, qt, perfect snakes.. idk
  • Check out Sammy Chase's section from Tough Stuff below...
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